The comic convention will be held in Virtual Akihabara -- the mecca of Japanese subculture reproduced in virtual reality -- from Nov. 6 to Nov. 14 (JST).

5 November 2021

Music Vket 3 will be set in a cyberpunk-themed city, and users can easily visit the venue from their smartphone or PC browsers.

1 November 2021

HIKKY expands their service lineup to include music concerts and events at their club in virtual reality (VR), Emission.

24 September 2021

In their goal to drive VR content that is more accessible, HIKKY is developing a VR engine that runs on web browsers and smartphones.

24 August 2021

There is only one day left until the doors open for Vket 6, and corporate sponsors including and Yamaha and HP will have exhibits at the VR event.

13 August 2021

DecaGear will have a dedicated booth at Vket 6’s Japanese festival “En-nichi” world, where you can check out and pick up 3D models of their highly anticipated VR headset — the DecaMove One.

29 July 2021

TOKYO, Japan, May, 2021 -- Japanese VR startup HIKKY Co., Ltd. today announced a partnership with the Japan Independent Games Aggregate (JIGA) with the goal to further develop indie game culture with XR.

3 June 2021

Vket Mall, the first permanent comprehensive shopping mall to be born in the virtual world, will pre-open August 14 - 28 alongside Virtual Market 6 (Vket6). Exhibitor applications are accepted until May 31.

14 May 2021

Tokyo’s VR company HIKKY reveals themes and concept art for its upcoming VR event Virtual Market 6 (Vket6) scheduled to take place August 14 - 28, 2021. Vket Mall, a new permanent VR marketplace, will pre-open concurrently ahead of its launch later this year.

30 April 2021

Taking place in VR from April 29 to May 5, GameVketZero will host exhibits by PlayStation, Google Play, Microsoft, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Square Enix, Sega, and HP Japan among others.

16 April 2021